How to avoid software development delays

Today the delay in software development is becoming the norms which are unpredictable while it’s not the magic to avoid such delays if follow the below steps then could reduce the delays in software:

 Firstly avoid the time wastage there could be many examples which come under it whether it’s related to the code or some unnecessary functionality. This problem arises due to inadequate testing or might be a lack of communication between the parties. This wastage should be avoided. 

Second which is the best things to follow is to learn from the previous mistake, so that in future if the same problem is coming then you should have the quick method to complete them and it can be only improved when we improve the learning outcomes. So, follow the iterative method to avoid the delays in handling over the projects. 

Don't need to follow the whole cycle of software development rather than opt the method which increases your prototype. Follow the quick and result oriented method to avoid the delays.
The best methods to avoid the delays or lack of communication are to pre plan and discuss the things with your team and take the suggestions of your expert so that they can explain what action might be taken to improve the productivity 

It is important to test all the things before delivering it to the clients, remove all the defects which occur and multiply manifold times.All things can be only reduced if not eliminated by adopting a method of repetitive development that Corrects mistakes early in stage of development.

Moving ERP into the Cloud

Cloud computing seems to take over the business world and it isn’t difficult to recognize why. Now manage hosting company will grant to access their data from any location and it will be more secure than on-site hosting can.

If you’re thinking to move your enterprise resource management (ERP) into a cloud, keep the below things in mind:

Decide what you needed

The first step is to decide the types of cloud hosting available. Suppose if you are planning to move your inventory only, then you needed different securities or if you intend to relocate your employment, the financial records there system as well.

Private Cloud: Private cloud is a virtual server built by the service provider for the customers who needed the on demand computing . These services are mostly used for the business purpose in which contract is signed between the party and the detail amount of services provided and length of time will be used to provide the service

Dedicated Cloud – Dedicated cloud is developed for a customer by the service provider. Dedicated cloud is more secure and customizable option for business.

Choose the right Vendor

Once you're done with the cloud service according to your business needs, then Choose a right vendor who can educate you about the features and it will affirm you that the hosting of your company data are secure and more efficient.

Firstly review the profile and the customer’s feedback that helps you to decide that you should hold the hand of such company or not.

Twitter Vine App Now Has 30 Million Registered Users

Vine had already 13 million users but Twitter has just start as the inventive video-sharing app in now heading towards the android smartphones.

Twitter has established vine for Android 4.0+ with video sharing app now available to download via the Google play smartphone.

The app is not fully complete as like the iOS version is not supporting the front facing camera and some other features are missing but however Twitter has affirmed that it will have one important function which might be not available on iPhone. The ability to zoom.

By the coming week twitter will be enhancing the app with more features to bring it on the equivalence with the iOS version including the provision of front facing camera, hashtags ,etc.

Twitter has also given confirmation that all this features in going to be bring in the Android version which will work on the Google operating system.


Unlimited uploads and free.
Post the videos on Vine, and share it to Twitter and Facebook!
Search, keep up, and interact with users close to you.
 And much more.

Yahoo launches updated weather Android app

After giving the IOS fresh Look, Yahoo is updating the weather apps as well. The application for android will give the same beautiful design interface as they had given in IOS.

You can see the weather according to the city by doing the modification in your preferences.

The app is not only going to show you the weather and temperature but also the prediction for the 10 next days and hour by hour forecasts. The will also show the wind and pressure, moon phases, UV arrays, as well as sunrise and sunset times.

The apps click the beautiful images of the area and placed it under the clean layer of information for best effect. IOS complement has been getting enthusiastic analyses as well as a design award by Apple itself at the WWDC this year.

Latest Update for Android apps and IOS Twitter

Twitter had finally presented the secure way to log into the accounts on the web, this network had updated its IOS and Android apps today to make using two-step verification easier.Now the security mechanism requires two passwords to do the login as like traditional as well as the temporary code will be sent to your verified mobile number . Now after the today update , you will be able use the Android apps and IOS after the verification code .Now the message is no longer required , two step verification is mandatory across the world.

Reputable institutions Twiiter , they have targeted the hackers who hoping to cheat the public with malicious or wrong tweets . The two step verification properly set up is to get rid of  from the  hackers attack , as they not only needed the original password but also access to staffer phone . Twitter addition of the feature earlier this year after the few companies like Google , Linkedin , Dropbox , Microsoft , and apple made the almost similar moves. Further that updated are coming to include the  new gallery view for looking at user uploaded photos. 

Find your lost phone with Android Device

Get your lost phone in Android device manager

If you have lost your phone in the market or while doing shopping or may be finding it in the home or left it out in the park? So the new Android manager will give you the solution?
It’s one of the simple features you can use to keep your device- and the data you store inside – safe and secure

Trace and ring your misplaced device

If you have dropped the phone between cushions, Android Device manager will quickly ring your phone at maximum volume and will help you to find it, even if it’s in the silenced.

Protecting your personal info and data

Android device manager can help you to keep the data loosing away from the wrong hands. If your phone recovered or get stolen, you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device.
And if your phone or tablet is out of hearing, you can locate in the map at real time

You can enjoy the above service in the Android 2.2 or above to use it.