How to avoid software development delays

Today the delay in software development is becoming the norms which are unpredictable while it’s not the magic to avoid such delays if follow the below steps then could reduce the delays in software:

 Firstly avoid the time wastage there could be many examples which come under it whether it’s related to the code or some unnecessary functionality. This problem arises due to inadequate testing or might be a lack of communication between the parties. This wastage should be avoided. 

Second which is the best things to follow is to learn from the previous mistake, so that in future if the same problem is coming then you should have the quick method to complete them and it can be only improved when we improve the learning outcomes. So, follow the iterative method to avoid the delays in handling over the projects. 

Don't need to follow the whole cycle of software development rather than opt the method which increases your prototype. Follow the quick and result oriented method to avoid the delays.
The best methods to avoid the delays or lack of communication are to pre plan and discuss the things with your team and take the suggestions of your expert so that they can explain what action might be taken to improve the productivity 

It is important to test all the things before delivering it to the clients, remove all the defects which occur and multiply manifold times.All things can be only reduced if not eliminated by adopting a method of repetitive development that Corrects mistakes early in stage of development.