Google's Nexus 5 smartphone debuts as first with Android 'KitKat'

On Thursday Google had launched the latest Smartphone device along with the latest version of Android. As Like the LG Electronics had developed the Nexus 4
Google Nexus 5 Smartphone
Sundar Pichai The senior Vice president Android wrote “This is the Slimmest and Fastest Nexus Smartphone ever made.”
The Smartphone evaluates 136 grams and is 8.59 millimeters thick, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.3GHz and LTE mobile connectivity which varies from Nexus4, which was announced at the same time last year. The absence of LTE network technology in the Nexus4 has surprise to many.
 The Nexus 5 deliver 17 hours of talk time and 8.5 hours of internet surfing on a WI-Fi network, along with LTE Network technology of seven hours.
The Nexus 5 has a latest camera feature which takes the picture sharper and keeps images stable. The device has 1.3 megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel rear camera.
Pichai Wrote “ A new HDR and mode spontaneously snaps a quick burst of photos and accumulate them to give you the best possible shot,”
Other features like 16 to 32 GB, 2GB of RAM, a USB port, Supporting WI-FI wireless networking.
Pichai publish “The Smartphone is offered through the Google Play store in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, etc. And will be coming soon to India.
Little Software increment has in the Phone app which makes easier for users to enable contact and makes calls. The “Hangout “App allows to make the video conferencing and store the SMS and MMS messages. As like Motorola Moto X Smartphone has the Google apps for voice related search and commands.
According to Geoff Blaber, CCS vice president of the research for the America states “The Nexus Smartphones is still keenly planned for Google”.

Samsung updates mobile, TV, and gaming SDKs to attract more developers

Like the other devices builder, Samsung relies on Google Android Os to power its smartphone and tablets.  Samsung is seeking to set itself apart with vendor specialized capabilities ranging from pen functionality to enterprise security, stimulating the company to develop its own software development resource over the last couple years. 
 The First conference held in San Francisco this week for the Samsung developer, the company discloses the few SDK updates for those branded features currently offered for the Android on Samsung devices and for iOS applications on top is the Chaton (Instant messaging service) or Smart TV remote control app.
Samsung SDKs updating the various things like the Updated Chaton SDK services for the Instant messaging service, an enhancement in Chord SDK for one touch delivery and pairing of devices, the new Knox devices for mobile security and management. 
Samsung is also reaching on highest notch in the entertainment gear, Samsung has updated its Smart TV SDK for developed applications for its internet connected Smart TV line and its multiscreen gaming SDK which can be played on the Big screen TV via Samsung tablet and Smartphone. All but Smart TV SDK use android, the smart SDK depends upon Linux. 
Keithen Hayenga engineer at Marmalade, game developer said “They want to beguile the developer that if you use those APIs, which you are running on Samsung then you were not on other things,”
If Successful, Samsung would fix the developers for its devices. Samsung is the leading Android Smartphone builder and the top Smartphone manufacturer overall.
Andrew cook said a senior software engineer for vision service plan “By announcing their own SDKs and APIs, they are trying provides the whole experience much like the apple tries to do with its ecosystem.
The IDC Analyst AI Hilwa states while working on the user and business organization “Samsung is twisting its developer muscles”
While encouraging the Android at the moment, Samsung states in the conference for its latest development for its open source Tizen OS, in which is shaking the hand with Intel.  Tizen boosting internet interfaces and supports HTML5. But yet the company had to announce a roadmap for Tizen rollouts.

PS4 PlayStation App to launch same day as Xbox One

A week before launching the PS4 itself, by 22 November the play station will be offered to download for the smooth arrival.

The PlayStation App will be going to reckon to the PS vita empowering software update.

The master feature of the PlayStation App’s is to change your iOS and Android device into a second screen for the PS4.

Official Sony states: PlayStation App can be downloaded onto numerous mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android based Smartphones and tablets, from the App Store.

After installing the device user can easily achieve the PSN features like friend list and trophies and as well as the device can be utilized it as second screens in supporting PlayStation 3 titles.

Once your friends begin to upload the video game play or live streaming content, the app will launch a browser to avail you to watch the clips where you can post comments or take screenshots and footage.

The users will able to exchange the message between PS4, PS3, PS Vita and mobile platforms along with it you can view your friend activities which is new.

The official app will invite you to play games, get new alerts and as well as to browse the PlayStation website for news, games news and blog posts.

Purchasing can be done through the PlayStation store for game content using the app and it will be Itself downloaded on the PS4.

School students to design mobile applications

In India now, the school students will design the mobile application for the social cause and it will be age group of 10 to 13 years.

All over the India Global discovery Academy (GDA) a chain of k12 schools is organizing the competition to design the Android mobile app. 

K12 is a title for the total of primary and secondary education.

GDA the chief product officer Vipul Reddy said on Thursday “The students who will participate needs to solve the problem of problems which has been created in their given area for the social concern like education, health, poverty, foods and civic facility.
GDA will provide the essential training on mobile phone programming where the students need to form the team of two to three members in a group.

“Reddy added in his statement each participant will provide the sketch of the Social cause it is being designed for. It will address the app's functionality, its end user engagement and design. In New Delhi finalist will be going to present the app idea and prototype.

Registration for the competition is free of cost and last date of the registration is September 1  

Facebook's Messenger app: Practical is the new sexy

On Tuesday Facebook had released the new messenger Facebook apps , Facebook is making the improvement in the Smartphone app to instantly view of friends and address book contacts. 

The latest Facebook messenger app includes the dramatic improvement as the previous one and done the enhancement in the speed, features and design. The app is available to limited users of Android to begin and to gain the fascinating growing experience.

Messenger basic change is something Facebook calls mobile to mobile a quick catch phrase destined to indicate to the users using the app will be available to each other on their Smartphones. 

The philosophy symbolizes that how Facebook Messenger exhibit contacts, message delivery, and notification process and to allow for text to those friends who were not already in their Facebook list.

Contact that use messenger, for example will be indicated by the little blue lightning bolt badge
Everyone else gets the Facebook sign. And if a Messenger user doesn’t enable the push notification than that user will not get the bolt sign lightning.

Lighting in the bolt sign, will indicate that users are also using the Messenger app and want to get connected with you instantly.

 (Credit: Facebook)

This idea recommends that in your contact, which of the contact listed friends is more potentially want to connect you via Facebook message.

Facebook is declined to give the statement that how much improvement has been done over the old versions.  

The improvements are done in functionality; Messenger now allows people Facebook message their address book contacts that are still in the pending list of social networks. The update shows that if you have a phone number, you can start pinging whether it’s on Facebook but it’s not necessary that they want to be a formal friend.

The Facebook had designed with new logo and an attractive color scheme, it is in blue – the only aim is to represent the Facebook rich app. This application is basically designed for the Android and iPhone users but immediately it’s going to be familiar with other operating system.

Altogether this update is done to make the Facebook messenger more practical and to give completion to Whatsapp, who have stolen a user of social network.

On Tuesday Facebook will release the messenger for Android for a limited audience and within the week it will update for other members “The Company Said”

Twitter gets more visual with photo, video previews

Now a day’s Twitter has become the tool for the Internet for posting the short text messages, but now it will be shown with multimedia content more conspicuously. 

On user’s timeline streams preview of photos and videos will appear, whereas earlier people need to click on links to see them. The latest feature will now appear on the twitter’s iOS and Android apps as well as on the web version.

The changes which are implemented in done only in the photos section and for videos which is created with the Twitter Vine app, still the users need to navigate it from the outside page from third party services.

While watching users can enlarge the pictures or the videos by tapping them on mobile and clicking on them on the desktop.

 Yet, to compete with bigger rivals like Instagram and Snapchat twitter have to provide the more media rich experience for users. The company said "These rich tweets can bring your followers closer to what's happening."  Twitter will also make the changes, to build out its advertising business. 

The company said in its IPO documents, that video is the important elements of Twitter advertising business, which has generated the 85 percent of the company profits last year.  Marketers can add the incentive while advertising with twitter by posting the more video and photo content in the user feeds. 

Twitter had already tied up with more than a dozen of broadcasters and media network with it’s amplify program, which posted the promotional video content in users feeds. In which few of the partners include Bloomberg TV and BBC America ( Television Network) .

Verizon Wireless to sell BlackBerry Z30 in Nov. for $200 and two-year pact

In November, Version Wireless declared that Blackberry Z30, a 5-in touch screen, Smartphone for $199.99 with two year service agreement. On November Blackberry Z30 will be on sale for $199.99 with contract. The large display is reinforced by a 2880 MAH battery with the power backup of 25 hours. The device supports wireless charging. 

Mobile wars In Nov it was decided that Verizon wireless to sell Blackberry Z30 for $200 and two year pact.

Why wireless carriers are degrading the Windows Phones

Nokia anticipates that camera tech will enhance on the Lumia 2520 Windows RT.

Joke aside, Few IT managers claim that there is no other option other than Blackberry for security.

Amazon employs with HTC on Smartphones.

Initial released of Galaxy S5 expected to affect the poor s4 sales.

Samsung Curved Smartphone: A big improvements or a novelty?

Blackberry retorts to Gartner’s call for clients to trench BB products.

More in Mobile & Wireless 

Verizon is also trading the Z30 under its plan Verizon per month for $22.91.

Verizon said that Z30 support Blackberry 10.2 will wirelessly connect the device HDTV to get the larger display of content. Business users can arrive for the meeting and give the project presentation to display larger wirelessly. 

Blackberry 10.2 upgrades the click sound of the keyboard. The sound differs, depending on what a user types.

The 5 on display, the Supermodel technology with a 1280 X 720 resolution at 295 pixels per inch.S4 processor, 1.7 GHz QUALCOMM, S4 Pro processor and 8 megapixel camera and 2 pixel front camera.

Free iWork upgrade angers Mac users

The free upgrade of Apple iWork has frustrated the longtime Mac power users, who had caused the complaints about the lost features of the company support forum.

One user called apple “Serial software killers” whereas others get together to list the features apple fell down in pages, the word processing application and the most widespread of the trio that makes up the iWork suite.

According to the last week upgrade: endnotes, the outline sketch view, selection of text, facing pages , able to save files in RTF format, important limits to automate the work move using an apple script and more than 100 templates ready to use.

Two relevant loop threads on the Apple support forum – here and here – together for nearly 900 comments and it was reviewed by the almost 50,000 times , and it’s been the illustration that how the update has been affected . Many of the users commented on the thread and said that is there anything cool to say about the apple’s move.

Previous Week, apple had launched the latest version of iWork for OSX and declared that three of the applications would be given free of cost to the purchasers of new Macs.

The users who had purchased previously pages, numbers or keynote will receive the free upgrades.

In 2009 apple has done the last major upgrade for OSX’s iWork.

On Sept.10 the move followed the similar declaration, when apples said they are giving the iOS iWork apps to users who purchase a latest iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Bloggers and Pundits also considered in on the move, speculating Apple’s prime aim is to make the iOS and OS X edition file- and feature- user friendly, a decision is taken to scale back the features of desktop applications’ feature sets.

Nigel Warren said, an experience designer “iWork on the mac has lost the functionality is not because apple is blind to power users. It’s because they’re expecting to do the short term sacrifice in functionality so that they can create a foundation that is equal across the Mac, iOS, and Web versions,”. But that clarification didn't sit well with users. maintainers to reset user passwords, change SSL certificate

The PHP group states that PHP Group will change the Password for an account on, after the attackers attack the programming language decide to change the site’s SSL certificate, as two servers and stick the malicious code in the website. 

On Tuesday security breach has confirmed that the Google safe browsing service has blacklisted the site for scattering malware, which stimulated the Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome to block the users from visit it.
The PHP Group initially predicts that the warnings are because of the false positive detection, but a more depth investigation discloses that the attackers had injected into the malicious JavaScript code into one of the site files called userprefs.js. That code executed employ from a third party website that if successful, establishes a piece of malware on visitor’s computers.

The PHP group investigated, which is still in progress, disclosed that the compromise extended to two servers: the server that hosted, and and, the project's bug tracking system.

There is no prove that the PHP distribution packages or the Git source used for source code management have been conceded.

The PHP group claimed that “We have checked our Git repository was not negotiated and it remains in read mode only as services are carried in the full backup.” 

The technique used by the attackers to compromise the two servers and stick the rogue code into userprefs.js has yet to be checked out. The PHP Group said. operators who contribute to various project like or is having their password reset.

The visitors who had visited between the oct.22 and Oct. 24 on should scan their computers for malware.


iOS Fastest Growing Mobile Operating System in 2013

According to web index In the 2013 Apple is one of the fastest developing mobile operating system with iPhone consumer grows from 14 percent of worldwide market share in 2013 Q1 to 19 percent in Q3.

According to research it’s predicted that 89 percent of the Global Internet population, consumers are using the iPhone and which is expected to grow to 233 million this year, along with iPad users estimated at 165.72 million. IOS is the fastest growing mobile operative system, but android is still overwhelming the market with the 57 percent of shares. 

Global Web index predicts that android users are around 708 million this year. By the 2015 research institute also recommends that Android may be the World’s number one mobile operating system.

By this year it is estimated that there are 68 million users were for window phone is exceeding BlackBerry at 62.56 million. 

Turning to PCs, the research team observes the estimated user of the window7 operating system is around 734.12 million users, but the window8 operating system users are only 168.11 million. 

The research team states that the reckon figure of the Apple MAC user in this year is will be around 47.78 million.

iPhone Teaches Mac a Thing or Two

The Mac came first, but the iPhone and iPad are at the top of the consumer technology mountain. The apple mobile devices sales success is due to the hardware and OS itself. Apple achievement depends upon how well Apple develops, connects and allocates its entire hardware and software ecosystem. 

Once the apple announced its next generation of Mac OS X for free, it’s not playing the free card. Apple is uniting the Mac into the ecosystem developing the strategy in the best possible way. OS advancement.
However the difficulties is not just of the because of the price .It creates the difficulties because of the ecosystem is hard to understand for the consumers and when it’s time for improvement, the aims and the how’s costs are a pain to figure out. Not so with apple The Company had created one hurdle for the consumer by purchasing the hardware at a premium price in Cupertino. 

How? Free OS improvements for the new features. It’s the widest world  app which can buy through the simple apple ID account.

Remember the old days of purchasing and installing the apps before apple app store? You had to use the hectic license code. Upgrades are with the error, often different, and costly in ways that were hard to foretell.
All of this confusion was not transferred to the iPhone and iPad world.

Many times you got sheltered with your own apps. What happens if you needed to install an application which is more than in one computing device? Would you pay more or will purchase the different version??
At the time apple introduced Mac App store, it spread out of the hastiness but one problem which was lingering is that the cost of Mac OS X.  By 2001 the cost of the Mac OS X boxed edition cost is about US$129.      

Apple subsequently, cut down the price of the cost of Lion in 2011 to $29.99 and in 2012 they poked Mountain lion down to $ 19.99. Settled some of the issues with the price had to do with accounting perform. In the 2013 apple is no longer upgrading the OS X.

Oracle buys sales order automation specialist BigMachines

Oracle is suspecting to differentiate its CRM (Customer relationship management) software from the competition with the attainment of big machines whose cloud based system help to maintain the sales and price records orders together.

 On Wednesday terms of the deal has not disclosed. It is expected to close by this year.
According to news big machines software will get united with the Oracle products for marketing purpose, sales, customer service and e-commerce.

According to Oracle statement, the around 275 companies including Coca-Cola, ADP and Siemens is using the Big Machine software. 

They have products for both small and large industries.

On the document it is released that the lower end product, big machine express, is built on the, but the flagship is built on the Oracle and Java.

Big machines have combined the products with SAP, Microsoft applications and
According to the FAQ document on the acquisition Oracle sustain to continue to invest with the third party sales force automation systems for development and to support the existing integration.

As per the FAQ, Oracle is purchasing the big machine to increase the sales cloud functionality more quickly, as cloud based CPQ (configure, price, quote) software was already there. Selectica and cameleon software is the bigmachine competitors.

What you need to know about Apple's free apps policy

On the Tuesday media event, the company had announced that its iLife and iWork suit will be going to free for the new buyers of a new Mac or IOS device. The apps are free for the users who already installed the apps.

Here's our guide to elucidate the apple latest price structure on its iLife and iWork apps.

How the Free with purchase works: 

When apple had publicized the iOS apps would be free cost for the users, who will purchase of the new iPhone, I theorized that apple might include the notification first once you activate your new device with the free apps. If you want to free download of iWork and iLife apps on the IOS then you have to firstly entered in the Mac app store. Once you click the BUY button for those apps will be replaced with the updated app. Yet I also not confirm about it (I asked the apple about it , yet am waiting for the response)  I seems that apple connection the iWork and iLife suite with your apple id once you active the new device. Might be this way you can visit the app page, it showed up as already purchased on your account and you can download away.

Apple new life contains the three apps available on both OSX and is -- IMovie, iPhoto and Garage band. On Mac if you want the iPhoto 9.5, iMovie 10.0 and Garage Band 10.0 iPhoto and movie will be available on the store of $15, while a Garage Band will have the free download of $ 5 in app purchase. 

As same like the iWork suite also contains for OSX and iOS of three apps—Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The new Mac versions are Pages 5, Numbers 3, and Keynote 6, and they too needs OS X Mavericks. On the Mac, the three app’s price is $20 each and on the iPhone and iPad, their price is $10 each.

Apple cuts prices on Macs, takes a jab at PCs

On Tuesday Apple had released the Latest Version of the MacBook Pro Laptops, but after taking the jab at PC makers.

The 13 inch screen on MacBook pro with Retina display starts at $1299 which cheaper than the previous model at $ 200. The 15 inch model price starts from the $1999 but the previous laptop was $ 2199.

The company has also launched the new model Mac Pro desktop which starts at $ 2999. The high end workstation is with the storage, memory and the features of graphics with unique cylinder design.
Tim cook said at the event in San Francisco that we have worked hard for on the Mac and Apple growth is being achieved through the tablets and Smartphones.

Cook said for Jab at PC makers are confused between laptops and tablets. They changed the tablets into PCs and PCs into tablets.

The MacBook pro has the retina display, starting at 3.46 pounds with just the thickness of 0.75 inches. The latest MacBook has the few latest technologies including the wireless 802.11ac and thunderbolt 2, which support to 4k displays.

The laptop has also the feature to include the Intel chips based on “Haswell” micro architecture, as well as the faster flash storing. The chips have the graphic processor names Iris, which makes the graphics 90 percent faster on previous laptops said Phil Schiller, senior vice president of international marketing.
The 13 inches MacBook Pro has the Retina display with nine hours of battery life.

 The $1,299 price includes the configuration of dual core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of data storage. The laptop cost is at $1499 with 265GB SSD storage and 8GB of RAM.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro has the eight hour battery life. This includes the quad core i5 processor and 2.0HZ, 8GB Ram and SSD of 256 GB. The price can increase to $2599 with quad core i7 chip with 16GB memory separate Nvidia graphics processor and SD of 512 GB. Users can increase it to 1TB.

SAP bets on HTML5, open source for its mobile app platform

SAP is planning to use the HTML5 and open standard in the products while developing the mobile applications and is accepting the concept of BYOT (bring your own tools) to attain the interest of developers.

 At the Tuesday meeting of the Tech Ed conference in Las Vegas announced that Version 3.0 of SAP Mobile platform will combine SAP's Net Weaver Gateway , Syclo gentry products , Sybase “ to fulfill the current and future mobile app uses needs” according to the news. 

SAP said that developers can expect the SAP mobile app will have use of a wide range of HTML5.SAP mobility will support open source standards such as OSGi and Apache Cordova

According to the news, SAP is also going to announce about the cloud version of the mobile platform. Under the BYOT, developers may use their desired tools for the SAP’s platform.

On Tuesday the company will announce updates to its mobile security product portfolio.

The company has also done the enhancements to its Mobile document product, by enhancing the new secure mobile browser and adding the iPhone and Android support.

SAP has grown the set of mobility products through the 2010 achievement of Sybase.

It has been highlighted mobile-friendly software development deeply of late, and by this year launched Fiori, a set of lightweight mobile applications that tie into its basic Business Suite ERP system.

According to the observance, the mobile platform of 3.0 releases seems that it’s a fresh start of sort for SAP.
During the press conference on Tuesday at Tech Ed , Vishal Sikka who is the head of all development said to the board of member that SAP did the tweaks to the Sybase technology in the 3.0 upgrade. 

Wang said SAP is also rethinking for some time that what is truly needed for mobile developers.

BlackBerry Messenger relaunches for Android and iPhone after huge delay

After facing the numbers of delayed and problems in release blackberry messenger apps for iPhone and Android, blackberry said it had redesigned the app on Monday.

After the reestablishment, which ensued around 2.30 p.m. ET, blogger Al Sacco had tweeted that BBM wasn’t working.

According to the rumor Blackberry blog updated that by Monday BBM would be available in Google Play, Apple play store and in few Samsung app store at free of cost.

The user who was not pre- registered to BBM will need to install the app by entering the email address and then wait to rollout. The 6 million users can register in the account at and can start enjoying the BBM immediately without waiting in line.

Blackberry reported that they had 60 million users were on BBM over the blackberry devices only.

Blackberry in his blog said, the root of BBM to the iPhone and Android platforms was to take place in Sept. 21 but it stopped working for a few hours later due to unreleased versions of BBM for android app caused the heavy traffic volumes soar and affected the overall system.

The BBM is taking the awkward time to come in Android and iPhone further that blackberry is boosting in the social network to reach the young users over it.

Blackberry had announced it would take near off in its second economic quarter due to poor smartphone sales basically the Z10 will kick of the 4500 workers.

By Nov 4, Fairfax financial holdings had initially deal to buy the Blackberry for $ 4.7 billion for which other bidders had taken the step ahead.

The two founders of blackberry, and seemingly PC creator Lenovo and private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management.

More information will appear on twitter by following @ BBM

Facebook becomes Google advertising ally

Google had closed out the advertising network for social network, without any reasons given for the rejection or the change in the rule.

In the Internet titan’s online advertising, first time Google shares opened $1,000.

On Friday the close of the NASDAQ Google stock was priced at $1,011.41 and sustained climb in aftermarket trades.

As same the Facebook shares also hit a new all-time on Friday and share closed at $ 54.22.

Double senior product manager Payam Shodjai said in a blog spot. Partnership is the main key to Google success to lift all boats in rising.

So we are happy to announce the new technique to help our clients succeed by working with Facebook to join in FBX, their real-time bidding exchange."

Thru internet Double click manager is the method for marketers to buy online ad space on websites.
On Friday Facebook had restricted the Google owned services to retail ad space in the world growing social network. 

Shodjai said at the beginning of the few months’ clients will be to purchase inventory on FBX via Double Click Bid Manager.